Ocean Meadows trees
Ocean Meadows water and grass
Ocean Meadows flood
Ocean Meadows grass
Ocean Meadows water

The North Campus Open Space (136 ac) includes the former Ocean Meadows and the adjacent UCSB open space. UCSB is currently restoring the upper arms of Devereux Slough with funding from partner agencies. Restoration of the estuary and natural flood plain will support a diversity of birds, fish and wildlife, absorb flood waters, and be adaptive to impacts associated with climate change. Over 2.5 miles of trails will provide scenic views and connectivity to the California Coastal Trail. Construction (3/2017-3/2018) will be followed by restoration led by UCSB’s Cheadle Center for Biodiversity & Ecological Restoration (CCBER).

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August 2017

Project Updates - formation of ponds and pools, and integration of soil amendments.
Feature Story - a preview of what's planned for the NCOS experience.
Plus - volunteer opportunities and cool photos!

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Final Restoration Plan (37 MB)
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North Campus Open Space Restoration Project Detailed Project Program (DPP)