Frequently Asked Questions

The North Campus Ocean Space (formerly Ocean Meadows GC) will be restored to a natural environment more like what existed on this property prior to creation of the golf course in 1965. There will be trails to provide public access and passive recreation. This open space will be another great addition to Santa Barbara’s natural heritage which makes our community so special. It will be preserved for the enjoyment of the local community in perpetuity.

Research will focus on documenting the return of the natural ecosystem. Current and future studies include investigations into water quality, hydrology, soils, vegetation communities, and wildlife.

Ensuring public access to the open space is a priority. The exact nature of the future trail system is being designed with input from a community planning process led by The Trust for Public Land. Likely access points will be from Whitter Drive, Phelps Road, and Storke Road including trail connections to Ellwood Mesa and the beach.

The official planning process for this project is now under way. Valuable stakeholders and participants include the local community, UCSB faculty, staff and students, The Trust for Public Land, and various government entities. Planning efforts will include public meetings, environmental compliance documents, detailed scientific studies, and permitting. The process is likely to take up to two years at which point restoration would begin. A consultant team was hired in April 2015 to develop the project design and evaluate alternatives and the environmental review process will be initiated in 2015.

The property will be managed by UCSB staff. Efforts will include building management, mowing, other vegetation management, and security. UCSB has appointed an interim management team to address any immediate needs. Neighbors and community members may contact this team by phone at: 805.893.2191 or via e-mail at:

Yes. Visitors are welcome during daylight hours from dawn to dusk. The property was purchased in the interest of the local community with public access in mind. While passive use is encouraged, please note that California law, University policy, and deed restrictions on the property prohibit certain activities. The following items/activities are prohibited on the property: Alcohol, Camping, Dumping, Golfing, Hazardous Materials, Off-Leash Pets, Open Burning, Weapons [California Education Code §100000-§100015, UC Property Use Policy 40.10-40.20]

Please attend public meetings and workshops, and provide your comments. A list of upcoming events may be found on the website In addition, ecological restoration opportunities are ongoing in the immediate vicinity of the North Campus Open Space and volunteers are always needed. If you’d like to learn more about local plants and wildlife, and lend a hand in restoration activities, please visit CCBER’s website:

Please contact the Office of Public Affairs and Communication at 805.893.2191 or email